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Jasmine: The King of Flowers and the benefits for your skin

At Veigan, we love a good oil, which is why our luxury Be Free Cleansing oil is formulated with the best nature can offer. This includes the exotic and seductive jasmine flower.

Considered the "King of Flowers", jasmine is a highly fragrant aroma that improves mood and offers a positive outlook.

Let’s talk about all the amazing jasmine oil benefits for your face, skin, and overall well-being, because beauty is about the inside too.

The oil extracted from jasmine has numerous properties. The small and delicate jasmine flowers are used as raw material for anti-wrinkle products and the treatment of skin problems, such as pimples, acne because it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Further, jasmine oil can soothe and restore dry, irritated and sensitive skin. It also helps in treating scars left by acne and stretch marks left by weight loss. It helps regulate the amount of oil produced by oily skin.

But not only that, although this flower also has a very special meaning. In Asia Minor, the jasmine flower is used as a protective amulet. In the Orient, in the past, jasmine symbolized beauty and feminine attraction. The jasmine perfume refers to sensuality. With delicacy, femininity, and luminosity and is associated with the Sacred Feminine.

I couldn't let this fragrant and powerful gift away from you, away from your skincare routine. That's why Jasmine essential oil is part of one of our formulations.

If you like to feel contact with nature, with the beauty, the presence of jasmine will give you more radiant and joyful skin.

Veigan Tip: Get all the benefits with our Be Free Cleansing Oil.

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